Android 13 will probably solve the battery drain issue of Android

Apps that are running on background consumes power. But some of the apps consumes power abnormally and we call it battery draining. There is not way to easily check for running apps untill you go to settings and search for each of them.

Behind the scenes, those apps consumes power though we close them from recent apps menu. In result, we do not get battery backup as expected.

But there is a roumor that in upcoming version of Android (Android 13) will fix this issue so effectively. If any apps running on background usages more power than usual the phone will alart you. Also give you to take action to this specific app.

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The phone won’t warn for foreground apps that are consuming power. Only if any background running apps usages more than normal power will be prompted.

In Android 13, the phone will also alart the user for apps that running in background for more than 22 hours in 24 hours.

I think these are some good solution for the battery draining issue of Android.

Source: 9to5 Google

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