Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be lighter. Here is why!

Through the Galaxy Z fold 3 launch, it opened a new era of folding phones. It showcased many possibilities for the future of folding phones. Samsung showed how can we utilize the dual screen properly and many more uses. But one of the major problems of a folding phone is it feels heavy while holding it in hand.

The folding phone manufacturers cannot be blamed. Because the folding phone technology is not so mature yet. There are so many components used to make a phone foldable. There are over hundreds of components used to make the hinge and its movement smoother. Most of the components are made with metal. So the weight increases.

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Not only the hinge, nowadays folding phones are thick as 2 smartphones when folded. The manufacturer has to make 2 separate metal frames and link them through the hinge. As a result the weight increases.

But Samsung seems to be working with the weight problem of folding phones. According to some recent leaks, Samsung’s next folding phone will be slimmer. The bezels will be narrowed.

Some leakstars say that the components used in the hinge will be reduced. If the leak is real, then the weight of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 might become less a bit.

Another leak by Ice Universe says that the internal screen ratio will be changed a bit. The internal screen ratio will be close to square compared to the 5:4 of Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Samsung is indirectly following OPPO in terms of internal screen ratio. On Oppo Find N, the internal screen ratio was 8.4:9 which is pretty much closer to square. Now we will get a similar screen ratio on the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4.


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