The game loading time will be improved in Android 13!

The Loading time of games is always a boring thing for gamers. Especially, when it comes to mid-range smartphones. The midrange processor is not either optimized or capable to render game data so fast. They take time to read and load the game data into the RAM. So it takes time.

But here is a good news for Android gamers. The game loading time is going to be improved over Android 13. Mishaal Rahaman shared this news in his blog on

In a section of his article, he said that Android 13 will include a new power HAL version which can help the device to lead the game data faster. Android’s GameManager API will add a method called setGameState which will allow the get to communicate with the Android platform.

With this method, games can tell the OS if it is loading resources (assets/resources/compiling/etc.). When the command is transferred from the OS to its power HAL, the power HAL boosts the performance of the CPU to load the game resources faster. This will reduce the waiting time for game loading.

The phone makers have to configure the powerhint.json file to better work with this method.

This feature is in the development stage and may be implemented in Android 13 or later. But Mishaal guessed that this feature may not be available on all devices even after upgrading to Android 13.


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