Getting Desktop like experience on Android 13

There is an issue with the Android OS that it is not optimized with the large screen devices. We cannot utilize the large screen properly. Even if we change the orientation to landscape, the layout mostly remains same.

But Samsung showed how we can utilize large screen properly with Android OS introducing their Samsung Dex feature. But sadly Samsung Dex is only available on Samsung’s flagship smartphones and tablets. But there is a good news for other Android users. You might know that developers already started working on Android 13.

The letest beta is Android 13 DP2. In this version, developers introduced the desktop like experience on Android 13 OS.

Android 13 developer Preview 2 screenshot
Image collected from tweeter

The layout will be changed once the desktop mode is enabled. There will be a taskbar on the bottom side of the screen. On the taskbar, user will be able to find his recent application usage list along with their icon. There will be floating window for application like windows and other operating systems.

On the right side of the taskbar ther will be options to toggle Wifi, Bluetooth, Mobile data and more. The time and date will also be shown on that side.

We will be covering the upcoming leaks and news about Android 13. Stay tuned.

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