Google has launched Fact Check Explorer tool. Read more..

Google search is one of the easiest ways to collect our required information and news. But there are some sites that provide false news and create misleading. Google is trying hard to filter trusted and informative content across the web. But Google search algorithms was not perfect and so accurate to filter out those false result. That is why today Google launched a tool that can check content for the trustworthiness and expertise of its author.

Google's fact explorer tool screenshot

Today (31 March 2022) Google has launched a new tool named Fact Check Explorer. It is a tool that can check news or information if it’s false or not. The tool collects those reports and shares them in its feed. You can also search for recent topics or news and see if it’s false, misleading, manipulated, or true. The tool also gives you the correct information and shows why the content is false or misleading.

This is a great tool by Google. April 2nd is International Fact-Checking Day. Google is committed to helping users spot false information online. That is why Google launched this tool. The tool is new and it will update over time and learn better to filter the facts.

Check out Google’s Fact Check Explorer tool here.

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