Google announced to support Ukrainian startups with $5 million

Due to the recent war between Russia and Ukraine, the economy of Ukraine is hampered. It will be hard for them to stand after the war. But Ukraine has a strong startup community. They can help the country to recover from the damage of war. But it will be hard for them to rebuild the country without getting others’ help.

Google knew that. That is why today they announced to help Ukrainian startups by funding them. Google will invest 5 million USD in some of the startups. Google said that it will be helpful for the Ukrainians to rebuild their economy after the war. It will also create jobs in Ukraine during the war.

Yesterday, the CEO of Google met with a number of startup entrepreneurs at our Google for Startups Campus Warsaw. There they discussed the matter and the CEO Sundar Pichai finalized the funding by discussing how Google can help those startups.

Google's ceo Sundar Pichai meeting with Ukrainian startups
Image source Google

This is a great step by Google. Every tech giant and large company should follow Google and stand beside Ukrainians.


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