5 Easy Steps To Scan Any QR Code From Own Phone!

Want to know “How to scan qr code from own phone”? Here is the easiest way to do it!

Sometimes we need to scan a QR code to visit a webpage, finding a product information or joining a WiFi network. Some phone has the feature to scan QR codes inside the camera app. We only can use this feature if the QR code is on something or on other phone.

Sometimes we have a image of the QR code in our phone. And don’t have a secondary device by which we can scan the QR code. On this case there are some ways to scan the QR code natively on you phone without a secondary device. But in this article, we will share the easiest way to scan QR code from your own phone. This trick will work on both Android and iOS.

How to scan any QR code from own phone?

In order to scan any QR code natively on your own phone, you need to follow the 4 steps given below. Before this read the requirements to proceed with these steps.

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  • Google‘ app must be installed on your phone. If Google is not already installed on your phone then install it for your Android or iPhone.

That’s it. Now proceed with these steps below…

Steps to scan QR code from your own phone:

Follow the below steps to scan QR code from your own phone:

Step-1: Open Google app from your app menu.

step 1 : open Google app
Open Google app

Step-2: Click on the Camera icon. On iPhone there will be a Google Lens icon.

step 2: click on the camera icon
Click on the Camera icon

Step-3: Scroll down and select the image containing the QR code you want to scan.


step 3: scroll down and select the image containing the QR code
Select the image

Step-4: Scanning Your QR code

step 4: adjust the scanning area
Drug and Adjust the scan are and place it on the QR code properly

At first it will scan the image as a normal image and show you related images from Google search. You have to Drug and adjust the scan area and place it on the QR code properly.

  1. Step-5: Using action button to visit a site or connecting to a network.

step 5: getting results from the QR code
Use the action button to interact with the details

Once the above steps are followed correctly you should see details about your QR code in the search result area. If your QR code has a webpage then you will see a ‘Visit Page‘ or ‘Visit Site‘ button on the top of the code details. Just click on the button to visit.


In my case, I used a QR code that contains a WiFi Information. So I got the ‘Join network‘ button button.

Congratulations! You have successfully scanned your QR code from your own phone.

Caution: Be careful when scanning a QR code from public place or somewhere it shouldn’t be. They may contain malicious file or webpage link that can be used to hack your phone.



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