I will teach you how to restore and setup a mobile phone

To restore your mobile device first access your phone settings option, Then select System options then select Reset Options then select Erase All Data (Factory Reset)

Then scroll down and click on Reset Phone option, After a few minutes, the mobile device will be automatically turned off and all the data on the phone will be cleaned. Then your mobile device will be turned on then set up Wi-Fi/Internet ATC option in language then finish.


                                    I will teach you again how to log in your pho ne into a Gmail

First click on Gmail app options on your smart phone then select Add another account, Then Click click Google.
and then enter your phone’s security Password Enter your Gmail account and click next button
then enter your password and click next button That’s Done Your Gmail. then use Your Gmail account.


                            Now I will teach you how to install software from play store

First, access the app on the Play Store from your mobile device then update your play store Then sign in to Play Store with your Gmail account. Then you search and install the app you like. that’s finished

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