Larger camera bump of iphone 14 series

iPhone 14 series camera bump is getting larger! Here is the reason

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Camera bump is always a parts and parcel of a smartphone. Sometimes it becomes problem when putting it on a flat surface. But is is not possible to implement a good camera hardware avoiding camera bump. All flagship smartphones are the example of it like Galaxy S21 ultra, Mi11 Ultra and so on. Also we cannot forget the Iphones 😁. They also have large camera bump on the back. But if you are a iPhone fan also hater of large camera bump then todays news will shock you.

Apple finally upgrading the resolation their camera sensors. Since iPhone 8 series Apple has been using 12 megapixels camera sensor on their smartphones. It is 2022, all other smartphone brands are using as high as 108 megapixels camera and also planning to implement 200mp on a smartphone. At the same time, Apple is continuously using only 12MP sensors on their iphones. But how long?


Now, according to some strong leaks, Apple may use a 48 megapixels sensor on their upcoming iPhone 14 seires. But why Apple took this step?

Apple’s iPhone are very popular for their camera performance. Their video quality is unbeatable in smartphone platform. The videography is updating and upgrading fast. Creators are going for high resolution video. But with iPhone, they could go up to 4K as the sensor is not capable to shot more than 4K. It is a issue for content creators. Apple might heared them.🙂

In order to shot 8K videos, you will need a sensor with more than 33 megapixels. As a result, Apple may introduce 48MP sensor to their iPhone 14 series. Please note: this is completely in roumor stage. Not official statement. But the leaks is not weak.

Iphone 14 renders
iPhone 14 renders

But if the leak comes true, there will be a change in the camera bump size of upcoming iPhones. The camera layout will be same as the past iPhones. It is said that only the main sensor resolation will be changed to 48mp. Other sensors will be same (12MP). Due to the upgradation, the camera bump will be larger. The 48mp sensor will be diagonally larger by 25-35%.

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