Top 20 Most Trusted and Popular Daily Online Newspaper BD

Newspapers tells us the news and views of home and abroad. Sometimes we depends and wait for newspaper to get our desired news.

But today is the age of technology. Everything has become modern and technology based. With this, all the news publisher are sharing the news online. And that is called online newspaper. Online Newspaper is very popular all over the world. Bangladesh is not an exception. Daily Online newspaper bd is very popular.

Traditional and Popular news composing companies of Bangladesh are publishing their news feed in their website along with supplying in traditional ways. Online news media is very popular in Bangladesh.

There are so many publishers whos are providing news online. But all of them are not trusted. Some of them publishes fake news. So, we all have to know which online newspaper(s) of BD are trusted along with popular.

Here are top 20 most popular and trusted online newspaper in Bangladesh. You can directly visit their website and read their news feed. All the links will be provided in this page. You can also real this whole article to know about a particular news publisher in brief. So let’s start with the list of daily online newspaper BD.

The serial number of the following list will not mean its popularity or trustworthy.

Top 20 Daily Online Newspapers BD( Bangladesh)

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Now let’s know in brief about those daily online newspaper of BD.

Prothom Alo

Prothom Alo is is one of the most popular and trusted news publisher since 1998. At first, Prothom Alo was a print media news publisher. Now they are publishing news in their website along with print media. National Media Servay 2018 shares their reports on print media. They have shown  that approximately 6.6 milion of people in bangladesh reads print edition of prothom alo news.

According to Prothom Alo analytics, Prothom Alo gets monthly page views of 300 milion along with 13 milion visitors over 200 countries across the world. With 15M of followers, Prothom Alo is also one of the most engaging facebook page in Bangladesh.

These reports is good enough to certify Prothom Alo as one of the most popular and trusted daily online newspaper publisher in Bangladesh.

You can learn more about Prothom Alo by visiting their about page.

Daily Manab Zamin

It is one of the most popular newspaper in Bangladesh. It is also the first bangla newspaper with tabloid layout in the world. The Daily Manab Zamin is patnered with some of the largest brands or organisations in the world. Such as, FIFA, EPL(English Premier League), UEFA, SONY Pictures, Superman Returns, Batman and more. The online edition of Daily Manab Zamin gets over 19 millions of monthly page views.

Source: Wikipedia

Amader Shomoy

Amader Shomoy is one of the most trusted online dailies in Bangladesh. The reporters and journalists of Amader Shomoy newspaper are commited to maintain their journalistics. It always try to serve letest news as faster as possible. But there is a thing to be known that for the court order the ex-CEO of Nayemul Islam Khan was removed as publisher in 2012. Source Wikipedia

Kaler Kantho

Kaler Kantho, one of the most popular news publisher of Bangladesh was founded in 2010. It is a sister concern of Bashundhara Group. Is is a paper that provides wide variety of news. Such as technology, education, literature, health, entertainment, Fun and more.

Bhorer Kagoj

Bhorer Kagoj or Daily Bhorer Kagoj was founded on 1992. It is also very popular newspaper and has a online edition of their news feed. You can visit their site to get the letest news.


If you want to know which is the oldest bengali newspaper then the answer is here. The Sangbad is the oldest newspaper in Bangladesh and also have a online edition of it’s news feed. It is providing news since 1951.

Bangladesh Journal

Bangladesh Journal is also a popular newspaper in Bangladesh. It has also a online edition of their print newspaper. You can visit their site to read their news.


The daily Janakontho was first published on 1993. It is very popular among the bengali as a print newspaper organisation. But it also has a online version.


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