Samsung One UI 5.0 release date, features, eligible devices and more!

Samsung’s One Ui is one of the best UI on the Android platform. It is stable, feature-packed, and secure. Samsung users also get software updates for a long time with One Ui. Samsung is now rolling out the latest One Ui 4.0 and higher based on Android 12 to their Galaxy phones. But there is a piece of news on Samsung’s upcoming One Ui 5.0.

One Ui 5.0 release date

One ui 5.0 release date
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Samsung is working on their One Ui 5.0 which will be based on Android 13. The public beta version of One Ui 5.0 will be available by July 2022, according to a recent article by Sammobile.

One Ui 5.0 features

One ui 5.0 features + Android 13 developer Preview 2 screenshot
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This will be one of the largest and most important OS updates for Galaxy fold and flip devices. Since the past versions, Android OS was not optimized for large-screen devices like tablets or foldables. The large screen could not be utilized properly due to the lack of multitasking features. But on Android 13 Developer Preview 2, developers showed that Android 13 will be very useful for large-screen devices in terms of multitasking.

One Ui 5.0 eligible devices

Samsung galaxy z fold 3
Galaxy Z fold 3

The Public beta version of One Ui 5.0 will be available after the Official Launch of Android 13 by Google in May 2022. Samsung’s high-end devices like the Galaxy S series, Galaxy Fold, and Flip series will get the update first. Other devices which were announced to get the Android 13 update will also get One Ui 5.0 stable update later.

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