Qualcomm will help Indian Semiconductor Startups by tieing up with MeitY!

India is a country of huge possibility. India’s IT department is growing so fast. There are so many tech startups with bigger hopes. The Indian Government is helping those startups so that they can bloom. Now there is good news for the Indian tech startups. Qualcomm India officially announced to tie up the MEITY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India).

Qualcomm is a huge chip manufacturing company and is widely popular for its smartphone chipset named Snapdragon. Most of the flagship smartphones are made with a Snapdragon processor.

In a statement, the President of Qualcomm India said,

“There is a huge opportunity for Indian semiconductor startups due to the incentives provided by the Government.”

He mentioned that,

“Qualcomm India is committed to helping semiconductor design startups capitalise on India’s design and engineering talent to drive innovations that will power the intelligent, connected future we foresee, not only for India but the world.”

Qualcomm India’s plan is to speed up India’s semiconductor startup growth. They will provide technical training and industry outreach to the selected startups under the Qualcomm Semiconductor Mentorship Program 2022. This will help the startups to better learn and practice semiconductor designing.

Qualcomm India mentioned selecting 10 startups and incubating them separately by Qualcomm India’s leaders.

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