Realme 9 4G India launch date revealed! Learn more

Realme has launched almost every smartphone of Realme 9 series except the Realme 9 4G and Realme budget-friendly phones like 9A and 9C. Realme 9A and 9C may be launched later but the Realme 9 4G is coming very soon.

It has been the most value-for-money phone from the Realme number series since 2021. Because of 5G capabilities, smartphone brands have to balance the manufacturing cost with the market price of the phone by removing some useful features from the phone.

Some brands are removing the ultrawide camera from the back, using a TFT display instead of IPS or Amoled, and so on. But because of being a 4G phone, this 4G series doesn’t make us compromised from those features.

In our recent article, we shared that the Realme 9 4G with 108mp camera is coming very soon. But the exact date was not clear to us. But according to a new leak, it revealed Realme 9 4G india launch date. Realme 9 4G is going to be launched in India on 7th April 2022. It was confirmed by some popular leakstars on Twitter.

The device was also spotted on Realme’s official website. Realme 9 4G is added to the support page of Realme’s official website. So it is sure that the phone will be launched very soon.

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