Realme 9 4G with 108MP camera will be launched next month!

Realme 8 series had a 108mp phone. The phones were sold very well. Realme 9 series has been launched globally. But none of them had a 108MP camera setup. We thought that the Realme 9 series phone launch has been finished with the Realme 9 pro and pro plus models. But it is not finished yet. Another phone from Realme 9 series is coming very soon. The model is Realme 9 4G which has not been launched yet.

The device has appeared on Realme’s official website for a while. From there, we got some information about the phone. There will be a 108mp ISOCELL HM6 sensor made by Samsung. The phone will also offer OIS. It will be the first smartphone to come with the sensor. It is also Realme’s 2nd phone to offer a 108mp sensor. The front camera will be 16mp in resolution.

The price will be less than the Realme 9 5G. So it will be around 13,000.

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