Realme is going to remove the charger from the box!

Plastic has become one of the major problems for the Earth. Plastic takes time to get mixed with the soil. That is why plastic wastage is alarming for the Earth’s environment. Technology is one of the largest sources of plastic wastage. In order to reduce the usage of plastic in tech products, tech companies took so many steps.

In 2020, Apple started removing the charger from the phone box. Although, Apple was the first to do this on the smartphone platform. Following Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi have also started removing chargers from their flagship phones box. The reason was to reduce plastic wastage and save the planet.

Iphone 13 box without charger

Most of the users didn’t appreciate this step. But who cares? The smartphone companies continued removing chargers from the box. It was not a big issue for flagship smartphone buyers. If a person can purchase a phone for more than 600$, buying a 20$ charger is not a big issue for him. But the issue happens when it comes to midrange and budget segment smartphones.

Samsung recently started removing chargers from their midrange to budget-friendly phones along with their flagships. The person who purchases a phone for under 300$, it means he has a tight budget. Adding 20$ more is an addon for him. He can add this money to buy another phone that features a little more. But he has to pay this money for a charger which should be provided in the box for free.

Again, who cares? They are continuing. Not only larger companies, but the companies that make value for money phones are also going to start this trend.


Recently, a screenshot was shared on Twitter by @Amreliaruhez containing a statement from Realme. In this statement, Realme said that they are going to start removing the charger from their phone box. It was expected. Because Chinese companies follow companies like Apple and Samsung. So why thy won’t use this chance.

Techno Ruhez tweet screenshot

But the thing goes unexpected when they mention that they will begin this with the Realme Narzo series which is a budget segment smartphone series. Realme Narzo 50A prime will be the first Realme phone which is going to be shipped without the charger included in the box.

I am not talking against the step of reducing carbon emissions and plastic wastage. But if it kills the pocket of budget segment consumers, then I think we should rethink it. If this trend continues, one day we have to buy a charger to get the best charging experience that we get with the original charger.

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