Redmi K50 Pro will feature a 2K OLED Display. Learn more

There are so much has been out about Redmi K50 Series. But there is a important leak has been out about the display of Redmi K50 Pro. A banner image containing display features was leaked. We got some important information about the display.

Redmi k50 pro display feature leaked

There will be a OLED display with 2K resolation and 6.7′ in size. This display will feature DC dimming technology. This will reduce our eye strain by reducing the flicker rate while the display is in low brightness. Though our eyes cannot detect the flicker but a camera can detect this. According to researchers, this flickering can affect on human eyes. Dc dimming technology helps us by reducing the flicker rate.

According to the leaked banner we know that the pixel density will be higher than most other android smartphone in this segment.  There will be 526 ppi on the display of Redmi K50 pro. This will make the display clearer and sharper.

The display of Redmi K50 pro will produce professional color. This means, being an Amoled display, it will reproduce most accurate color possible. It will help content creators better understand the colors and work with them.

2k display

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