DXOMARK just introduced 3-tier ranking lebels! Learn more

Dxomark is a benchmarking website that scores smartphones and speakers according to their performance in different conditions. It is a popular platform mainly for its camera scoring. They score according to their parameters which are called sub-scores. They publish a final score combining each sub-score.

Learn more about DXOMARK and its parameters.

Today, DXOMARK announced its new scoring method. They will use labels instead of numbers. The labels are  Gold, Silver, and Bronze. They announced a certain range of scores for each label.

Dxomark new gold labeling
Image source Dxomark

Such as smartphones that score more than 130 will be marked as Gold camera label. Scores from 120 to 129 will be marked as the Silver camera. And lastly, smartphones that score from 110 to 119 will be declared Bronze camera.

This score range for labeling varies from section to section. Such as, if we move to the smartphone display label, the Gold display label starts from 90. Displays that scores from 85 to 89 will be marked as Silver display.

Why DXOMARK took this step to change their scoring method?

According to Dxomark, they introduced this scoring method to make their data more accessible to people. Using labels instead of numbers will make it easier for everyone to understand the performance of the device. They want to help people to choose the best products regardless of their technical knowledge.

Learn more about the Labeling system from DXOMARK official website

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