Vivo x80 will come equipped with an RGBW sensor.

Smartphone companies for the last couple of years have been racing to make phone’s with bigger and bigger sensors. Big sensors give you better quality photos at night and more shallow depth of field.


But there’s a limit of how big of a sensor you can put in your phone. Phone’s with big sensors come with huge camera bumps. The solution to this problem could be an RGBW ( Red, Green, Blue and White) sensor instead of a regular RGGB sensor. It can gather the same amount of light in a much smaller sensor.


In a traditional camera sensor there are 3 different pixels (Red,Green,Blue) that make up a sensor. But Sony is developing a new sensor with RGBW pixels. So it has an extra white pixel.


Sony 1/1.5″ IMX866 is an RGBW sensor. Vivo’s next flagship smartphone, The Vivo X80 will come equipped with this new sensor. It has a dual framing technology where it will have a size of 1/1.49 inches when taking video and 1/1.56 inches when taking photos. This will allow the sensor to optimize the amount of light for both photos and videos.



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