Here is why Youtube Vanced has been discontinued officially

The people who don’t know Vanced or Youtube Vanced, letting them know Vanced is a YouTube client software that offers many YouTube Premium features without any cost. Youtube Premium Features such as Ad free, background playback, youtube music and so on which you can use completely free while using Youtube Vanced.

The vanced app has become very popular among tech enthusiasts all over the world. But it is a bad news to those users that Vanced officially declared that they will discontinue working over Youtube vanced. The download links of Vanced on their website will be taken down.

Tweets of Official vanced

The reason of this steps is legal problems with google. Because Youtube vanced allows users to avoid buying Premium subscription which affects Google’s revenue.

But there is a good news for vanced users. The users who have already installed and using the latest version of Youtube vanced can use it until it becomes outdated. They mentioned the time is around 2 years or longer. So it will work fine for those users.

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